Are Paper Shredders Really Helping You Live Life?

Paper shredders have been a modern staple for most homes in 2018. They assist you with disposing of important documents or old credit cards, either way, if you’re getting rid of something with a paper shredder then you’re most likely doing so to avoid identity theft and keep yourself safe.

I’ve had my own identity stolen just a few years ago. I placed some old banking documents into the bin thinking nothing of it. Just 2 months after that I get a call from the police with regards to some banking fraud, of course, I’ve never committed any, but I decided to talk to them and find out what was going on. After talking with them they showed me CCTV of people using my stolen documents to commit fraud. I was honestly shocked. Luckily I didn’t get any trouble and eventually they managed to arrest the criminal, but it still made me get a paper shredder to keep myself safe for future purposes.

amazonbasics paper shredder jammed

So which brand of paper shredder is the best to get? Honestly, I don’t usually go for this brand, but Amazon has the most affordable and reliable paper shredders that I’ve used. There are some other brands like Fellowes who do an equally good job, but they cost more money and sometimes they have all these confusing features that are not really needed.

AmazonBasics is a brand started by Jeff Bezos, he hopes to take over most of the homeware industry and sell affordable products that are high quality and will not break down in minutes. I’ve often bought something from a respected brand and find out just 30 minutes later that it’s broken, well with the AmazonBasics paper shredder that won’t happen. I’ve seen lot’s of videos and articles on the paper shredders, and nearly all of them are positive.

So in 2018 make sure you are keeping your identity safe. Identity fraud can ruin your life and I don’t want that happening to you, so make sure you get a paper shredder, or dispose of your important documents another way.

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ACA Network ICO review

A very common complaint regarding advertising agencies is they waste advertisers’ money, and do not help them realize much return on their investments. Often, the advertising agencies fail to share important information with their clients that causes dissatisfaction and leads to lost revenue and causes friction between the advertising company and the client.

Japan-based ACA Network aims to solve this problem by providing a platform through which data can be easily available to everybody and there can be complete transparency between the advertising agency and the advertisers which can help to build trust between them.

ACA Network icoThis platform uses blockchain technology and it consists of three main elements: the ACA-AMS advertising control system, the ACA-EX automatic matching exchange, and the ACA-NET advertising network and SDK.


  • ACA Network originates from Japan, which is one of the largest advertising industries in the world.
  • This platform helps to create a sense of integrity and trust between the two parties.
  • It makes sure the terms are clear and agreed upon in advance, which helps to reduce ambiguity and friction later on.
  • It would provide the advertisers complete knowledge of where their advertising money is being spent and what is getting them the highest returns.
  • It would help global companies to enter foreign markets easily as the data will be laid out for both the advertisers and the advertising company to see.
  • The platform uses ACA tokens, which provides various benefits such as reduced service costs related to the amount of ACA stock held by the users.


  • Accepted payment: ETH
  • 1 ACA = 0.00006 ETH
  • Hard cap at: 1,000,000,000 ACA
  • Soft cap at: 100,000,000 ACA
  • Token name: ACA
  • Pre ICO Token Sale: July 14th – July 27th 2018


This is quite a useful and a unique platform that is based on blockchain and if it proves to be successful it will be able to save billions of dollars that are spent on both domestic as well as international advertising. It provides a clear cut picture to a business about where their advertising money is going and how it can impact their profits. This platform can bring back trust and integrity in the world of advertising.

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What We Can Offer You For Your Garden

Outdoor furniture, cast stone fountains and garden accessories are Fountains of Wayne’s specialty. We carry the top brands of patio and deck furniture, cast stone fountains and cast stone statuary at the best available prices. We even have some of the best garden hoses, you can see Delicious who have some other top brands too.

outdoor furniture

All of Fountains Of Wayne’s outdoor furniture and cast stone products are chosen by our team of experienced designers to offer you the largest choice and the greatest value. Fountains and statues are made from concrete to provide our customers with years of maintenance-free enjoyment. Our furniture is constructed to outlast many of the sets you will find elsewhere.  All of our aluminum frames are welded, not riveted, to ensure long life.  Our sets are powder coated, not painted, to stand up to the elements.  Wood sets are made from hardwoods such as teak and Jarrah for lasting enjoyment year after year. The large showroom selection of cushions and umbrellas will accent your new set perfectly. Visit our buyer education page to learn more about extruded aluminum, cast aluminum, and wood furniture. The buyer education page also has information on powder coating, cushion materials, and how to care for your outdoor furniture.

Over the years we have expanded our product line to include outdoor accessories. Outdoor accessories are extensive and we carry everything needed to turn your patio into the perfect summer retreat. Fountains of Wayne carries many different styles of planters, hammocks, balustrade, and railings to accent your patio, yard and garden. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the proper pump for your fountain.

At Christmas time we create a winter wonderland filled with indoor and outdoor decorations at our Wayne, NJ store. Bring your children in to see the largest free Christmas Entertainment Exhibit in America and find the perfect items for your home. Artificial trees range in size from 2 to 15 feet and many have the lights already installed. Our extensive assortment of ornaments, lights, and animated characters can fill any home with warm, Christmas cheer.

We are proud to be the largest single store dealer for most of the outdoor furniture and cast stone manufacturers, which we represent. As a result, our customers receive the personal attention and care of a local store and the advantages of the low prices and huge selections of a larger store.

You can shop at our conveniently located showroom on Route 46 in Wayne New Jersey or you can purchase online in our virtual store. As always, if you do not see a particular item, just ask us.  We will work with our manufacturers to get it for you. You can also view additional products on our manufacturer’s websites and contact us to order them. Links to their websites can be found on our products page.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We look forward to helping you with your order.

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