Of Urban Parks, Gardens, and Nature Spaces

Japanese Tea Garden San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden San Francisco

Gardens, parks, and other green spaces not only serve like oases in the concrete landscapes of urban areas. They also provide a natural setting for a myriad of things that engage the senses. And yet they are also among the most overlooked or underdeveloped aspects when it comes to planning and development. Some cities are not as invested as others in preserving natural areas. Green cover and spaces in some places are even shrinking due to rapid development.

But as many cities that boast of verdant parks and nature spaces have shown, there are a lot of positive benefits in having open green spaces and areas that the public can access and enjoy. Making green space an integral part of urban development can have long-term benefits not just for the city but also for all the people who live in it.

One of the best things about having many city parks and gardens is that they provide a soothing space where people can escape to every time they want. They can provide a quiet space to clear one’s mind or simply enjoy the scenery. In some cases, one might even stumble on a garden symbolism that can spark creative ideas or inspirations. Japanese rock gardens and other traditional gardens are often steeped in meaning and symbolisms that are fascinating to explore.

Spending time in parks can also be educational and informative. Paying attention to everything around you can provide you with insights on how the natural world works. You might be surprised by how a trip to the park can be a time of learning and discoveries.

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