ACA Network ICO review

A very common complaint regarding advertising agencies is they waste advertisers’ money, and do not help them realize much return on their investments. Often, the advertising agencies fail to share important information with their clients that causes dissatisfaction and leads to lost revenue and causes friction between the advertising company and the client.

Japan-based ACA Network aims to solve this problem by providing a platform through which data can be easily available to everybody and there can be complete transparency between the advertising agency and the advertisers which can help to build trust between them.

ACA Network icoThis platform uses blockchain technology and it consists of three main elements: the ACA-AMS advertising control system, the ACA-EX automatic matching exchange, and the ACA-NET advertising network and SDK.


  • ACA Network originates from Japan, which is one of the largest advertising industries in the world.
  • This platform helps to create a sense of integrity and trust between the two parties.
  • It makes sure the terms are clear and agreed upon in advance, which helps to reduce ambiguity and friction later on.
  • It would provide the advertisers complete knowledge of where their advertising money is being spent and what is getting them the highest returns.
  • It would help global companies to enter foreign markets easily as the data will be laid out for both the advertisers and the advertising company to see.
  • The platform uses ACA tokens, which provides various benefits such as reduced service costs related to the amount of ACA stock held by the users.


  • Accepted payment: ETH
  • 1 ACA = 0.00006 ETH
  • Hard cap at: 1,000,000,000 ACA
  • Soft cap at: 100,000,000 ACA
  • Token name: ACA
  • Pre ICO Token Sale: July 14th – July 27th 2018


This is quite a useful and a unique platform that is based on blockchain and if it proves to be successful it will be able to save billions of dollars that are spent on both domestic as well as international advertising. It provides a clear cut picture to a business about where their advertising money is going and how it can impact their profits. This platform can bring back trust and integrity in the world of advertising.

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